Efflux+ Digital Radio Network is a global non-profit media company focused on the informing, enlightening and entertaining, sharing Pakistan’s journey step by step, day by day, with the news, content and commentary and culture that Pakistanis need today, tomorrow and in the future.

We in the 'Efflux Plus' are taking podcast to the next level in Pakistan. The idea and concept is to make podcast and radio on the one page and that's what we call the original revolutionary time of podcast and radio in this country.

Efflux+ operates in a decentralized, collective manner and is controlled by its members. We promote and defend global press freedom and all forms of grassroots-supported media. We place a priority on direct participants and first-person narratives, and refuse funding from any source that attempts to influence factual content.

Efflux+ is a Internet Speech Radio Network which is the leading online broadcaster of original live and on demand talk radio programming worldwide. Ef+ aired shows on its digital platform without taking any cost, There is so much talent around the world sitting, waiting to be heard and at Efflux+ we want you to be heard loud and clear.

Every year technology has gotten better and better people have become more mobile with their radio choices. Even terrestrial radio has started to become aggressively adept at using digital technology to steaming their message across the internet. They understand, just as Efflux+ does, that people want access to their favorite shows globally as well as locally. Globally is exactly what the Efflux+ Digital Radio Network prides itself in providing for its broadcasters as well as its listeners.

The goal of the Network is to offer an inexpensive medium for not just our on-air talent, but also for our listeners and advertising partners. With our designated in-house servers we will broadcast in the best quality streams to ensure your voice, topic or product can be heard loud and clear globally. In addition broadcasters as well as advertisers have access to our professional recording and broadcasting facilities, some of the best sound and graphic designers as well as experts in media imaging.

We are always looking for ideas on how to make the Efflux+ Digital Radio Network better for not just our broadcasters but for our listeners as well. Bottom line, this Network was set up for you the listeners of the world.
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