Women are getting Stabbed in Karachi

Nida Mahmoed and Sarah Peracha presents Politico and you are going to listen the 5th Episode of this short speech radio show, titled as " Women are getting Stabbed in Karachi".

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Yet another woman was stabbed and wounded in Karachi last night as authorities fail to nab the ‘knife-man’, bringing the total number of victims of the mysterious crime has reached to 13 till the date.

This is getting bit serious, non stop girls and women are getting stabbed every night and even in days girls are afraid to go alone outside the home even they are afraid to buy vegetables at there doorstep.. I am astonished that how our police is claiming that the knife-man is a psychopath.. I think this is not an ordinary serial killer case. This is a conspiracy to hold women in the home.

This psychology expect is not denial able , So I personally contact with psychiatrist and she firmly believe that we can’t deny this expect of mental disorder, because In some cultures, attacking multiple strangers with a knife is part of a mental disorder called "amok," but she felt really baffling when news claiming the incident of stabbing mostly every parts of city as If police consider it as mentally disturbed person activity then how many people are mentally ill in Karachi at the same time?

People are getting misguided by the authorities. The police and government are rather not taking the issue seriously or there is something really fishy in this whole scene. What I believe is that it’s not a one person game. This is a proper gang who has idea of the canvas at large. They already know why they are doing it and for what. Victims are around 13 to 60 years of age, all are walking on the streets and stabbed by this motorbike rider knife-man who is mostly wearing a helmet and in few incidents he was without helmet.

There has some serious motive hidden behind these stabbing activities in the city and the motive which is currently disclosing, it’s giving clear signs of involving Daesh or TTP because since Pakistan Army announced to have a major anti-terrorist operation in tribal areas of Rajgal and Shawwal to flush out Daesh militants then it has no more denial position is left to accepting the presence of Daesh in Pakistan. Daesh is a Salafi jihadist militant group and unrecognized proto-state that follows a fundamentalist, Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam and they have motive to spread extremist vision of Islam in this world. In their ideology, if women even go out to buy the grocery then it should be consider as a sin and the recent stabbing activities in Karachi, are just spreading fear and panic among women and bounding them behind the house walls.

ISIS or any other terrorist group could be the part of it. It is definitely a terrorist act which should be condemned at the all platforms. This is a serious way to Harassing girls especially for those whom are studying or doing a job. People are even afraid to file a FIR against them as police is behaving really odd with the victim’s family. I think girls must take some serious measures to protect themselves. I advice to all the girls to be more conscious and active when they are outside rather they are alone or not, you all should keep your bag on the right side to protect your self from any attack as mostly knife-man's right hand is busy on bike accelerator to have a speedy run right after stabbing.

If any women face such condition like this try to hit the knife attacker with the bag and try to hold his hand a pull him to drop him down from the bike. And then request people around you to call police and make a video of his confession and crime scene to have a solid prove. If there is somebody with you then, be together at the spot until police arrive as if it’s a terrorist group they might not attacking alone.

Spread the message of positivity among your women of family and friends. And don’t be afraid, They can’t make us frightened and if you want to share your story then use hashtags #StopStabbingGirls and #YesWomenAreNotAfraid .

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